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ERM (External Relationship Management). The Automation of Process Management with all External Relationships

Business excellence can only be achieved if the areas of Marketing, Supply Chain and Global Services (which represent the economic body of business activity in terms of the relationships with external agents: customers, suppliers, etc.), are automated, optimized and controlled effectively, dealing with all their actions harmoniously and in synchronicity. 

To achieve this, a new concept must be introduced known as ERM (External Relationship Management) which encompasses the Process Management of all the company’s external relationships. This concept is explained below.

About BPMS (Business Process Management Suite)

Every company uses workflows to carry out activities. These workflows are known as Processes

BPM (Business Process Management) is the strategy that focuses on managing a company with Business Processes. There is no doubt that this management strategy has proven much more effective that the traditional method, but it is not sufficient

BPMS is the software that supports BPM. With BPMS a structure of Business Processes is built, aligned with the Strategic Plan and the Objectives of the entity. This structure is then introduced in the system (thus making the processes operative) so that the system itself takes charge of automating them (as much as possible), optimizing them, monitoring their compliance and providing the necessary analysis for their Continuous Improvement. 

Each user is responsible for performing the tasks that appear in their work tray. The designer of the Class of Process will have made sure that each user receives the correct tasks at the appropriate moment, with all the information necessary for them the carry out the functions that fall within their responsibilities.

About CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

The CRM concept, as its name suggests, is the management of ‘relationships’ with customers, encompassing marketing, sales and services. The CRM applications offered by software houses take charge of automating these relationships to increase effectiveness. 

But despite being a necessity, practice has demonstrated that CRM systems are often cumbersome and rigid. They tend to be installed with enthusiasm, but end up being abandoned because of limited use due to their complexity when required to adapt to the real and ever-changing business needs. 

About the Automation of CRM through BPMS Processes

As with the rest of business activities, all customer-related activities can be carried out through processes designed by the company itself, in accordance with their needs. Therefore the objective is the complete integration of all CRM functions with BPMS Processes

This solution (offered by very few BPMS in the market) allows the company to easily and effectively design a CRM tailored to their needs, adapt it to market changes at any time, and reform it when desired to maintain maximum efficiency.                                         

About ERM (External Relationship Management)

It must not be forgotten that there are also important relationships between the company and other external agents who are not classed as customers, such as: suppliers, collaborators, agencies, public administrations, etc. These relationships must also be managed and optimized just like the customers and, furthermore, are often interrelated

AuraPortal has coined the term ERM (External Relationship Management) for this new discipline, which is the fusion of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) and other applications which are normally used in companies to manage relationships with external agents. 

ERM should be understood as the set of devices, functions, tasks and good practices that are in charge of automating, optimizing and controlling all activities related with the areas of marketing, the Supply Chain and Global Services, i.e., the entire economical body of business activity, in terms of the relationships with external agents (customers, suppliers, etc.). 

Thus, the process tasks flow between all company departments, also reaching suppliers, delegates, sales agents, indirect channels, customers, etc., creating cohesion in the actions that are carried out and normalization in the results of the whole supply chain.

 This was not possible before BPMS offered the possibility of designing processes without the generation of programming code, but the AuraPortal BPM Suite is the pioneer in this innovation and therefore the one that can best undertake such activities from the processes.

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